Thumbies Fingerprint Keepsakes 

Thumbies offer a unique way to hold your loved ones’ memory close every day. Combining modern scanning technology with ancient technology of lost wax casting, these customized pieces of artistic, intricately detailed gold or silver jewelry capture and preserve one’s most unique characteristics, a finger print or a hand or footprint. 
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Video Tributes

Video Tributes can be created of your loved one from your own collection of photos. Accompanied by music your video tribute may memorialize the milestones, hobbies and accomplishments of your loved one. The tribute will be played during the visitation to share with family and friends. Copies may be purchased for personal use.


Memory Candles

Candles made with flowers from your loved one's funeral. The flowers are dried and preserved in to an electric heirloom candle. Several sizes and shapes to choose from.

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We have a large selection of caskets, vaults, urns, urn vaults, flag cases and other items to help personalize the service. As with our services these items are available at a variety of styles that will suit your needs, desires, and budget.